July 13, 2024
Senior Process Plant Operator Jobs UAE

Senior Process Plant Operator Jobs UAE


Operates and monitors Distributed Control System (DCS) for Oil and Gas cluster plants 
and field gas wells to ensure safe and efficient operation and to ensure the company’s 
oil/gas production targets are met in terms of quality and quantity. Ensures processing 
plant availability by directing production operators to carry out plant adjustments and 
corrective actions as required. Prepares production daily and monthly reports. (Work 
covers all oil and gas cluster operations area on Oil collection platforms and remote 
Wellhead gas Towers operated by telemetry and Disposal Wellhead Towers).


·       Operated the DCS (Distribute Control System) for plants start-up operations and shutdown in order to meet Company’s objectives and gas production targets.

·       Monitors all plants and gas wellhead towers conditions such as flow rates, pressures, temperatures, levels, etc., through displays, graphics and trend logs.

·       Operates the plants Fire and Gas detection and Fire protection systems.

·       Makes minor plant adjustments when necessary and report any serious faults to the Supervisor with appropriate remedial actions, implements immediately the approved actions, procedures and standard emergency responses.

·       Takes immediate corrective actions to limit risk to personnel, plant equipment and production during emergency situations.

·       Controls the injection rate of all plant chemicals to ensure safe and proper control of gas quality and minimize corrosion.

·       Prepares plant-operating reports as requested by Production Supervisor or Team Leader.

·       In emergency situations ensures the safe shutdown, isolation and blow down of relevant plant.

·       Directs and guide plant shift operators and helpers for all external manual plant operations / changes using radio for passing instructions.

·       Checks to ensure required quality control analysis, for evaluation of plant performance and maintenance of efficient operation, such as gas dew point, glycol pHs…etc.

·       Reports immediately to Supervisors any faults or break down of equipment or machinery.

·       Maintains detailed events and fault log books during the assigned shift for review by Supervisor.

·       Identifies and investigates any faults and inform the concerned departments, for remedial action. JOB DESCRIPTION Version: 1.0 Page 2 of 3 ADNOC Classification: Internal

·       Adheres to Company’s HSE policy, standards and approved operating procedures while performing the duties / tasks.

·       Ensures the safety of plant shift operators / helpers / servicemen and plant equipment. · Assists the Supervisor for annual HSE programmed implementation

·       Takes active part in all aspects of HSE safety program, attending group meetings, emergency exercise, drills and hazard identification / reporting.

·       Perform other related duties as assigned by Supervisor such as role of Isolation Authority, Defeat overrides performer, preparing necessary reports, plant shutdown and start-up procedures and preparing isolation confirmation certificate – ICC .

·       Assume the duties of Snr. Process Plant Operator at Control Room as assigned.

Implement and comply with all relevant functional policies, processes, systems, standards, procedures, to accomplish operational

Senior Process Plant Operator Jobs UAE
Senior Process Plant Operator Jobs UAE

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