July 19, 2024

QC Supervisor Electrical Supervisor E&I Supervisor I&E Construction Engineer Welding Inspector – Pipelines HES Specialist 28/28 rotational jobs

Dear Candidates, open positions, 28/28:
-Deputy PM – Pipelines;
-Certification Lead;
-Quality Lead;
-QC Supervisor;
-Construction Superintendent;
-Construction Supervisor – Pipelines;
-Electrical Supervisor (Construction);
-E&I Supervisor (Night Shift);
-Construction Engineer – Pipelines;
-Cable Management Construction Engineer;
-I&E Construction Engineer;
-Construction Coordinator;
-I&E Specialist (Construction);
-Turnover Engineer;
-Walkdown Engineer;
-Punchlist Coordinator;
-HES Specialist – Pipelines;
-Materials Coordinator;
-Warehouse Materials Specialist;
-Lead Productivity Engineer;
-Productivity Engineer;
-WFP Facilitator (Piping – Mech);
-Planning Engineer;
-MCPlus Reporting Analyst;
-Welding Inspector – Pipelines.
Please send your CV to a.zhailaubayeva@kgnt.kz, you should specify the position in the subject line.