July 20, 2024

Drilling Rig Job Opportunites

EXIDASP, an Engineering Consultant based in Dubai is bidding for a Well Operations Services Project in Iraq for the following positions:

1. Drilling Superintendent
2. Drilling Supervisor
3. Cementing Supervisor
4. Drilling Fluid Supervisor
5. Drilling Engineer
6. Geology Engineer
7. Drilling Rig Instructor
8. Drilling Contract Administrator
9. Drilling HSE Supervisor
10. Drilling Material Control Supervisor
11. Workover Superintendent
12. Workover Supervisor
13. Workover Engineer
14. Completion Supervisor
15. Rigless and Stimulation Supervisor
16. Material Control Supervisor Workover
17. Contract Administrator Workover
18. HSE Supervisor Workover
19. Geology Superintendent
20. Geology Supervisor
21. Well Logging Supervisor

To be considered for this post and to find out more, please submit your CV to resume@exidasp.ca

Please note, due to the high number of applicants we are receiving, only applications matching the above criteria will get a response. Many thanks