July 20, 2024

Assistant trainees (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical) JOBS



WRS are looking for 4 Assistant trainees for our client on their vessels. Looking for employees who have Technical High School Diploma or Engineering (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical) educational background (3 years) and fluent in English (B2 and above). Experience is not mandatory.

Assistant trainee is expected to be on board the ship most of the time handling technical duties and not at an office. Interested applications who would have to accept a role where they would essentially be expected to work on board a vessel for many years.

56 paid working days followed by 28 unpaid days of leave

Assistant Trainee à 2nd Assistant – in 3-4 years
2nd Assistant à 1st Assistant (during this promotion the rotation changes from 56/28 to 35/35 for a more comfortable work/leave cycle) – in 4-5 years
1st Assistant à Superintendent (handles the entire Technical crew) – 5 years or more

Interested candidates please email stuart.m@worldwide-rs.com with your CV and I’ll call you for a chat regarding your application