July 13, 2024

Well Services Supervisor Job



Extensive knowledge of completions and workover operations with management of service companies.

· Knowledge of smart completions (equipment design, testing and running).

· Knowledge of control line management on rigs (up to 8 lines), smart completion (N+1 type) and complex subassemblies preparation and running.

· Knowledge of Well Services (slickline, e-line, coiled tubing and Stimulation).

· Relevant years of experience in Oil & Gas environment. Minimum of years offshore exposure well View, SAP, Microsoft Office Suite, Operations Planning

Job Responsibilities

· Manage, coordinate and supervise rig based completions and workover operations to implement completions and workover operations as per a written completion or workover program.

· Ensure the adequacy of personnel, equipment, services and the adherence to local/international regulations

· required for safe and efficient completion & WO operation implementation

· Interface constantly with Senior Completions and Workover Engineers (CWE) to prepare, review and mobilize equipment and required services.

· Interface with Rig drilling Supervisor during rig based operation.

· Report to the onshore management team on a daily basis all completions and workover operations.

· Hold Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) toolbox talk and pre-job safety meetings prior to execute critical completions and workover operational steps.

· Be involved in completions and workover equipment stock management.

· Ensure all material required to perform the operation are mobilized on site as per plan.

· Prepare all material request lists, offshore instructions, tallies as per written completions or workover program to safely and efficiently run operations.

· On request, supervise Well Service (e.g. CT, SL, eline), stimulation and Well head maintenance operations (platform based operations)