July 20, 2024

Welding Inspector UAE JOB

Job Description

Post: Welding Inspector

Location: UAE

Require cswip 3.1 certificate along with certificate

  • Welding inspectors perform visual inspections on welded products and structures in progress and on completed jobs.
  • Visual inspections search for defects in the weld such as cracks and pits.
  • The inspector uses magnification to find defects that potential weaken the strength of the joint.
  • Inspectors measure welded products to ensure that they meet specifications for dimension.
  • The certified weld inspector uses stress equipment to put stress on weld joints.
  • The results of a stress test determine if the weld will hold up under stressful conditions.
  • Inspectors also check weld machine setup and the welding techniques of welders on work in progress to ensure the quality of the work. Welding inspectors record the results of tests and welding inspections.