July 20, 2024

Danos Job Opportunities

Danos offers comprehensive capabilities with an unmatched track record of safety, performance and value.

Whatever your asset management needs, Danos has the resources, expertise and experience to serve as your strategic partner. With comprehensive service offering and proven safety performance Danos can help you get the job done right.

  • Automation
  • Coatings
  • Construction
  • Danos Petrofac
  • Fabrication
  • Instrumentation & Electrical
  • Materials Management
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Production Workforce
  • Project Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Scaffolding
  • Shore base and Logistics
  • Specialized Consultants
  • Valve Wellhead

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Measurement Technician    Schedule:  14/14 Location:  Tilden, Texas

Production Supervisor      Schedule: 5/2 Location:  Mansfield, PA

Lease Operator      Schedule:  8 & 6 Schedule Location:  Dilley, Texas Area

Deepwater Operator A    Rotational Schedule: 14/14  Crew Change Location: Venice

Shelf – Operator A     Rotational Schedule: 7/7 Crew Change Location: Venice

Project Manager   Location: Gray, LA

Lease Operator    Location:  Caldwell, Texas

Deepwater Logistics Coordinator    Rotational Schedule: 14/14 Crew Change : Houma

Deepwater Mechanic     Rotational Schedule: 14/14  Crew Change: Houma

Natural Gas Mechanic   Location: Will Vary/Offshore,

Requisitioner   Rotational Schedule: 5/2 Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Land Technician     Schedule: 5/2 Location:  Dallas, TX

Lease Operator   Schedule:  5/2 Location:  Midland, Texas

Lease Operator  Schedule:  5/2 Location:  Big Lake, Texas

Lease Operator Schedule:  5/2 Location:  Denver City, Texas

Pipeline Technician   Schedule: 5/2 Location:  Pecos

Safety Technician    Schedule: 5/2 Location:  Orla

Salt Water Disposal Operator   Schedule:  7/7 Location:  Kermit, TX

Pipeline Locator  Schedule: 5/2 Location:  Hobbs, NM

Construction Superintendent  Rotational Schedule: 14/14 or 14/7 Crew Change Location: TBD Danos

Structural Welder   Rotational Schedule: 14/7, 14/14 or TBA Crew Change Location: OFFSHORE Danos

Rigger    Rotational Schedule: On Call Crew Change Location: Variable across Gulf Coast Danos

Pipe Fitter    Rotational Schedule: On Call Crew Change Location: Variable across Gulf Coast Danos

System Integrator   Schedule: Flexible schedule with a guaranteed 40 hours weekly minimum.  Location: Based out of Lafayette

Electrician 1    Schedule: Varies/Project Based Location: Varies

Lease Operator     Schedule:  8/6 Location:  Cotulla, Texas Area

Scaffold Superintendent

Production Operator B    Schedule:  7&7 Location: Dilley, Texas

I&E Technician  Schedule: 7/7 Location: Carrizo Springs, TX

Production Operator B    Schedule: 5/2 & 4/3 Location:  Tilden, Texas

Production Operator B    Schedule:  7/7 (days) Location:  Carrizo Springs, Texas

Water Transfer Operator – NM/TX  Schedule: 21/7 Location:  Orla, TX

Pipeline Locator    Schedule: 5/2 Location:  Kermit, TX

Scaffold Leaderman    Schedule:  Will vary upon projects Crew Change Location:  Various

Scaffold Builder   Schedule:  Will vary upon projects Crew Change Location:  Various across South Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas Gulf Coast

Mechanic    Schedule:  Location:  Kermit, TX

Compressor Operator   Schedule: 7/7 Location:  St. Clairsville, OH

Production Operator B    Dilley, TX area to work an 8&2 / 7&4 Schedule.

Fabrication Tacker   Rotational Schedule: 5/2 Crew Change Location: Larose, LA Danos

Fabrication Pipe Welder    Rotational Schedule: 5/2 Work Location: Larose,

Fabrication Pipe Fitter    Schedule: Monday – Friday (weekends as needed) Location: Fabrication yard, Larose, LA Danos


Shelf – Operator – Lead

Shelf – Operator C

Shelf – Operator A

I&E Technician     Schedule: 5/2 Location: Kermit, TX

Automation Technician    Schedule: 5/2 Location:  Midland, TX

Plant Mechanic    Location: Midland/Odessa, TX

Field Administrative Assistant    Schedule:  5/2  Location:  Midland, TX

Operator Plant – NM/TX    Location: Midland/Odessa, TX Schedule: 7/7 (Rotating Day/Nights) Pay: DOE   Danos

Electrician – NM/TX